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Focus on the existing and sustainable development problems of the industry, and provide solutions through technological innovation.



Learn about the latest company, products, business news and technological developments of SHEMAR POWER. Every day, SHEMAR is bringing safer and more economical electric energy closer to you.



Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies.


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Hollow composite insulator

Through the innovation of material formula and process technology, the substation composite insulator with technology filling the gap over the world and comprehensive technical performance reaching the international leading level is introduced. The problems of insulator explosion, pollution flashover, rain flashover, ice flashover, brittle fracture and so on are completely eliminated, and the double clearing of accident loss and operation and maintenance cost is realized. The total number of global applications reaches 1,000,000.

  • Shazhou Fully Compound Substation   Voltage Level: 750kV   Location: China•Gansu

    In 2013, the world's first fully composite substation-Shazhou Substation was put into operation, which has a milestone significance for the promotion and application of composite materials in the power grid. The environmental conditions in the station are

  • Minfeng Substation   Voltage Level: 500kV   Location: Loudi, Hunan

    In 2002, SHEMAR composite insulators were used in the Minfeng substation. The composite insulators used in this station are the longest-running composite insulator products of SHEMAR. So far, no accidents have occurred, and no operation and maintenance ha

  • Gansu 750kV Baiyin Substation

  • Guangdong ±800kV-Suidong Converter Station

  • Hami South Converter Station

  • Hunan 500kV-Heling Substation

  • Hunan 550kV-Minfeng Substation

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