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About us

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Collaborative Innovation

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SHEMAR State Key Laboratory of energy and power composite materials is one of the two key laboratories approved by the State Energy Administration in the fifth batch. Since the approval in 2014, it has successively cooperated with Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China Electric Power Research Institute, power grid technology research center of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd Northwest Electric Power Design Institute and other scientific research institutions carry out cooperative development and technical research. Representative cooperation projects include "study on aging characteristics and life evaluation of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber for composite insulators", "study on selection of insulation medium and long-term operation reliability of post composite insulators", "study on Key Technologies of UHV AC new composite cross arm insulators", etc. In the field of power transmission and substation, relying on the introduction of a series of revolutionary and alternative products / solutions, SHEMAR power not only breaks the international monopoly, but also realizes the transformation of China's power external insulation technology level from the past laggard to the global leader.

In addition, SHEMAR power has formed extensive cooperation with CSEE, IEEE, CIGRE and CBIP, which is a domestic and foreign industry association, in many aspects, such as standard preparation and revision, technology exchange, new technology and new product display.

  • Universities at home and abroad

    Tsinghua University and Chongqing University

  • Tsinghua University and Chongqing University

    State Grid Corporation, southern grid company, AEP

  • Experts at home and abroad

    Employ many external experts such as experts and professors from colleges and universities as technical consultants, and regularly come to the center to guide the work, which provides support for the successful R & D of products.

  • Scientific research institutions

    To maintain cooperation and exchanges with the Ministry of science and technology of State Grid Corporation, technology research center of southern grid company, China Electric Power Research Institute, Northwest Power Design Institute, etc.

With the cooperation of CSEE, CIGRE CNC, IEEE PES, CIGRE India, CBIP and other international authoritative organizations, CMAPs technology exchange platform was established, SHEMAR has become one of the world's authoritative technology exchange platforms in this field.

2015 Dunhuang
2015 Dunhuang
2017 Shanghai

    It has carried out extensive cooperation with CIGRE B2, B3, D1 and other professional committees in industry standard formulation and revision, technical forum report, new technology and new product discussion, and established contact or cooperation relationship with more than 50 CIGRE national committees and 11 CIGRE presidents or secretaries general.

    • 2012 France

    • 2016 France

    2006 IEEE
    2016 IEEE
    2018 IEEE


    Over the years, has continuously participated in the T & D conference and general meeting of IEEE PES, formed extensive cooperation in standard formulation and revision, technical forum report, new technology and new product display, and actively participated in other special technical meetings under IEEE PES.

  • CBIP

    In 2018, CBIP (Central Board of Irrigation & Power of India) and CIGRE National Committee of India jointly held a seminar on new technology of power transmission and substation in New Delhi. More than 200 experts from State Grid / State Grid / private grid of India, EPC company and surrounding state grid companies attended the seminar. After the power grid users in India fully understood the value of SHEMAR power grid solution, they quickly carried out all-round cooperation with SHEMAR to jointly promote the popularization and application of SHEMAR new materials and technologies in the power grid of India.

    • 2018 France

    • 2018 France

    • 2018 France