About us

About us

Focus on the existing and sustainable development problems of the industry, and provide solutions through technological innovation.



Learn about the latest company, products, business news and technological developments of SHEMAR POWER. Every day, SHEMAR is bringing safer and more economical electric energy closer to you.



Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies.

Investor Relations

Be valuable only by creating value Creating value means be valuable

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Corporate Governance

According to the requirements of relevant laws, regulations and normative documents such as company law and securities law, SHEMAR has established a governance structure composed of the general meeting of shareholders, the board of directors and the board of supervisors. The shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors are the highest authority, main decision-making and supervision organizations of the company. The three parties together with the management of the company have established an operation mechanism involves clear division of labor, mutual cooperation and mutual balance.

SHEMAR’s general meeting of shareholders is composed of all shareholders. The board of directors of the company consists of seven directors, including three independent directors. The board of directors has four special committees: Audit Committee, compensation and assessment committee, nomination committee and Strategy Committee. The board of supervisors of the company consists of three supervisors, one of which is represented by the staff and one chairman of the board of supervisors. The general manager, deputy general manager, Secretary of the board of directors, chief financial officer and chief engineer of the company are senior management personnel of the company, and shall be appointed or dismissed by the board of directors.

In recent three years, the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors and the board of supervisors have fulfilled their respective rights and obligations in accordance with the requirements of the company law and the articles of association. The major production and operation decisions, investment decisions and important financial decisions of the company are strictly carried out in accordance with the procedures and rules stipulated in the articles of association.

Investor Hotline

Securities abbreviation/code: SHEMAR Power/603530

Registered address: Room 1467, Building 3, Jiangcheng R&D Park, No. 1088, Jiangcheng Road, Sutong Science and Technology Industrial Park, Nantong City

Mailing address: No. 66, Haiwei Road, Sutong Science and Technology Industrial Park, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province

Legal representative: Bin Ma 

CSRC industry: electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing

Secretary of the Board: Qinghui Ji

Contact: Ms. Han

Mailbox: hanxiao@shenmapower.com

Telephone: +86-13625234177

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