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Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies.


Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies

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Line post insulator

The line post insulator for high-voltage power lines consists of a glass fiber resin core rod covered with an organic material sheath and umbrella skirt, along with end fittings. It replaces the traditional iron crossarm with additional suspension insulator structure, being directly connected to the pole at the bottom and connected to the conductor through short-distance connecting hardware at the top. On one hand, it effectively solves the problem of line deviation caused by wind, and on the other hand, it ensures the safety, reliability, and maintenance-free operation of the power line throughout its lifecycle with excellent mechanical and electrical performance.

Innovative and reliable design methods and advanced manufacturing technology.

Best-in-class composite materials and high quality components.

Rigorous production quality control plan and strict testing of products.

Fast delivery cycle and rapid after-sales service.

Eliminates or reduces maintenance, more economical life cycle cost.

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