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Hollow composite insulator

Through the innovation of material formula and process technology, the substation composite insulator with technology filling the gap over the world and comprehensive technical performance reaching the international leading level is introduced. The problems of insulator explosion, pollution flashover, rain flashover, ice flashover, brittle fracture and so on are completely eliminated, and the double clearing of accident loss and operation and maintenance cost is realized. The total number of global applications reaches 1,000,000.

No explosion:the main body material of composite insulator in SHEMAR substation is glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). High strength glass fiber runs through the whole process with high strength and good toughness. Even in the extreme case of excessive internal pressure, it will not explode. It will crack first and then release pressure through cracks, so as to effectively avoid casualties.

Non brittle fracture:effectively prevent the accident loss caused by earthquake. Glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) pipe, with fiber content of about 80%, forms a grid like cross-linked structure through the combination of different layers, which belongs to the overall load-bearing, greatly increases the mechanical strength and toughness of FRP material, and only produces cracks without fracture under extreme load.

No flashover:SHEMAR high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is a hydrophobic material with excellent hydrophobicity and hydrophobic migration characteristics, which can effectively prevent pollution flashover accidents; At the same time, the material has good hot melting property, so it will not form long ice in freezing rain and snow disaster. Even if it forms ice, it can be removed quickly by electric percussion method. In the process of ice melting, the hydrophobicity and hydrophobicity migration characteristics of silicone rubber are still good, effectively preventing the occurrence of ice flash accident.

30 years maintenance free:there are a large number of small silicone molecules in the molecules of silicone rubber materials, which can be continuously migrated, and covered on the surface of the pollutants, so that the sewage layer has the same hydrophobicity. SHEMAR composite insulator does not need to clean and spray RTV during the whole life cycle, thus saving a lot of operation and maintenance costs.

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