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About us

Focus on the existing and sustainable development problems of the industry, and provide solutions through technological innovation.



Learn about the latest company, products, business news and technological developments of SHEMAR POWER. Every day, SHEMAR is bringing safer and more economical electric energy closer to you.



Building a new generation of power system with new materials and technologies.

Development Guarantee

Be valuable only by creating value Creating value means be valuable

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Technology innovation

SHEMAR Power has always been guided by "solving industry problems and meeting market needs", relying on the advantageous platform of the National Energy and Power Insulation Composite Materials Key Laboratory, and researches in the fields of polymer materials, composite materials, high voltage insulation and structural mechanics. As the cornerstone, through material innovation, design innovation and process innovation, a series of new products for transmission (transformation) distribution external insulation have been developed and widely used in the global power system, leading the development direction of global power external insulation.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Nantong digital factory designed by SHEMAR based on the Industry 4.0 standard, based on the support of the information platform, realizes the visibility, controllability and traceability of the entire production process, greatly improving the efficiency of product production management and on-time delivery capabilities.

Information platform support

PLM/SAP/APS/MES/SCADA System integration

Advanced planning and scheduling

APS automatic scheduling and MES coordination, reasonable control of order delivery

The production process can be seen as follows

Visualization of field management, plan, quality, early warning and process information

The quality process is controllable

Incoming inspection, process inspection, finished product inspection, system data monitoring to ensure product quality

Process data traceability

The database of manufacturing process is established, and the decision analysis is supported by BI data

Management Innovation


Business management consulting and analysis system implementation project

Optimization of financial index system; Accounting and budget optimization; Design and implementation of business analysis platform.


Establishment of 2019 PLM project

Improve the management level of R&D data in an all-round way and protect the intellectual property rights of enterprises.


2018 Internal control system construction

Internal control defect report and rectification tracking; Internal control system process framework sorting; Process system document preparation; Establish internal control management standard.


Self developed MES system in 2017

Optimize production management, information collection, improve quality management


Intelligent green factory planning project

Design of whole process intelligent chemical plant; Factory blueprint design; Lean planning, automatic production line design, implementation path planning.


Human resource management system construction

Optimize the enterprise position system, salary system, performance system, establish a long-term incentive mechanism.


Microsoft CRM system

Marketing and marketing, technology, planning coordination transparency


IBM sales management system optimization

Optimize the sales evaluation system, improve the new business / regional incentive system, improve the efficiency of cross department collaboration, and improve the information system support.

Marketing Network

Latin America region

EU regional departments

South Asia and the Middle East

China regional department

Asia Pacific Division

U.S. and Canada

Company culture

Be valuable only by creating value Creating value means be valuable

Create value for employees and become the best place to belong to

Create value for the supplier and become a win-win partner for the supplier

Create value for customers and become the support for customer development

Create value for the industry and become the engine of industry progress

Create value for the society and become a socially recognized company